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We are a small family business who rely upon your satisfaction with the quality of the work that we do for you. If you are happy with our work then you will tell others and recommend us to them. This is the fastest and best way for us to grow our business, which is why we are committed to ensuring that we always deliver fast efficient service and peace of mind.

Philip Zimber

Philip (Dad) Started his working life as a toolmaker after a six year apprenticeship with Ford Motor Company and worked abroad on various contracts. Later he joined a company called Bell & Howell as a service engineer in the document management industry. Spent fifteen years at Bell & Howell in various roles after moving into sales and working as the Regional Sales Manager for Bell & Howell's Middle East territory. At this time he joined Headway Technology Group who were the leading UK distributor in document management arena and specialised in document capture technology such as Kodak, Fujitsu & Bell+Howell scanners and Kofax software. All good things must come to an end and after twelve years at Headway Technology Philip left the document management industry. He decided to set up a company with his son as an electrical contractor and went for training at West London Training to acquire the necessary qualifications. Training completed (17th Edition) and certified as a PartP contractor with Elecsa a new chapter begins. Wants to ensure that Ricky is ready to take over the company when he reires.

Ricky (eldest son), started work in ..... Travelled abroad and worked in Tenerife for five years as a mountain guide and worked in a bar. Since returning to the UK he has met his partner and they have two children. Currently studying mathematics so that he can attend West London Training to obtain certification. Will take over RPZ Electrical when dad retires.


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